Directions: (Questions 1—5).
Choose the one best answer to each question on the basis of what is stated or implied in the text. Mark the answer on your answer sheet.
Задания: (1—5)
Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопросы, следующие за текстом, выбрав один из предложенных вариантов ответа.
Отметьте свой выбор в бланке ответов.
Smoking Is No Longer Cool in California
In fact, the battle against smoking has grown so hot, that many smokers are giving up smoking or taking their habit into hiding. Dozens of anti-smoking laws have been passed in the last two or three years. But it's not just the laws that make life difficult for smokers. It's the prevailing attitude. This is the state where theatre audiencies cheer announcement requesting no smoking in the auditorium. Small children tug at their mothers' hands and point when they see a cigarette in someone's mouth.
Smokers complain of feeling like outcasts and sometimes even outlaws. They risk breaking a law or at least attracting a hostile stare every time they pull out a pack of cigarettes. Those who visit California are likely to feel pressure even before they arrive. After restricting smoking in almost all public areas on the ground, California's legislators extended their passion for clean air. This was the first state to ban smoking on air planes flying over its territory. The ban now applies to all flights of two hours or less, anywhere in the United States.
Arriving by bus or train won't help smokers hang on to their cigarettes. Once outside California, smoking is not allowed on any form of public transport. Cars seem to be one of the few areas left for smokers.
Every year thousands of people die from «passive smoking». These people don't smoke, they inhale smoke of people who are smoking nearby. Dangers of second-hand smoke made non- smokers more militant.
(from English 2000)
The authorities of California
A help smokers. В kill smokers. Cforbid smoking.
Small children of California A have never seen smokers.
В can't smoke without their mother's permission. С are suprised when they meet a smoker.
Why are the smokers of California out of place? A They are allowed to smoke only in theatres.
В Smoking is restricted in public areas. С Smoking is supported by California's legislators.
Where is smoking allowed?
A In cars. В In trains. С In buses.
Why do thousands of people die from passive smoking? A Inhaling cigarette smoke is bad for their health.
В They are killed by active smokers. С They are frightened to death.
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